Lake Shore’s Summer Renovations

The secret voice of the students, melting chromebooks, windowless classrooms, “refrigerators”, new football uniforms, and peeling wood floors, the Students and Faculty of Lake Shore voice their opinion on the new renovations that have taken place this past summer. The controversy does not end here, from Chromebooks bursting into smoke to windowless classrooms, talk of fire hazards and new uniforms walk the halls of Lake Shore.

One student, Victoria Huyghe, senior, briefly explained her contentment, or lack thereof, with the school and the new face it has taken on.

“They gave us Chromebooks; I hate Chromebooks. They gave us airconditioning; I dig that. They didn’t fix the stage, R.I.P. to the drama kids; that needs to be fixed. It is dangerous and a hazard to those who walk on it. Except, the old football uniforms were a danger too. Good thing the team got new ones! The Chromebooks, being that all my classes are online, why don’t I just go to online school?”

A fire extinguisher could not put out the heat this is causing. Lake Shore is igniting and, some are ready to explode.

One girl, Alyssa Davis, senior, student worker at the help desk involving the fixing of Chromebooks. A station with the sole purpose of repairing flukes with the chromebooks, reported a case where a lower classmen brought in a chromebook that was smoking profusely. Luckily, a fire was avoided except for the chromebooks work ability and appearance; which was inevitably fried and melted.

Some, however, find the Chromebooks helpful for homework. A common complaint is that the teachers do not know how to balance homework and class time; over-booking a student. Besides that, some students feel lucky to have such a helpful tool for their education and, frankly, are excited to be using them.  

We spoke to one student, Jonathan Puma, senior, who has a class in Mr. Daly’s classroom; a room that was recently added, except, there are no windows. Which brings up the concerns of safety and escaping in case of a fire. However, the new classrooms are are very substantial. They have new projectors, air conditioning and wifi. In the parking lot, there are new lights and, in sports, new grey uniforms for the varsity football team.

Overall, Lake Shore is smoldering with opinions of admiration and discontent. From new classrooms to steaming hot Chromebooks; which by the way, not everyone dislikes, Lake Shore is taking the heat! It may just be a matter of waiting for everyone to cool down.