Lake Shore Welcomes a New Substitute

Lake Shore’s new sub, Ms.Chabriel, is teaching biology this year. She will be here for the year while Mrs. Rathburn is at home with her new daughter. She has a very interesting and educational background, beginning with her navy background.

She was very informative about her navy background by saying “[it’s] A lot like working a job, except you have a uniform and more rigid standards and the day never ends” She went into further detail by saying ”They can call you anytime and make you come to work. You are never truly ‘off’ unless you are on liberty.” However she says “we had a great deal of fun. Lots of traveling. In many ways military is its own family. Immediately all ex-military and current are bond.” Chabriel also felt “Navy becomes my immediate family and the other branches the extended family. In many ways we help each other so much all the time.”

Chabriel said, “I really like the Lake Shore community. Everyone is laid back and accepting. I love being invited to various school functions, like games. I wish I could go to more.” Chabriel has been trying to be very active with sports and supporting her students as they are her own children. She has told many, ”I am learning as I am teaching my students, so it is a learning experience for me personally as well as them”. Her personality is very uplifting and serious at the exact same time.

This being her very first time teaching in the Lake Shore she has expressed many feelings about her transition from the navy to a sub at Lake Shore she started by telling her students about the transition by simply saying “When I got out of the Navy I first raised my kids for a while and when they started school, I started/finished college. It was very hard to transition from being a full time working military woman to the civilian sector as a mom!” Chabriel also said “I will say though becoming a teacher is not a transition as much. There is a schedule and I keep it! Discipline and order to accomplish a mission.” Chabriel mentioned “This is my first sub job, it has been like teaching, but I imagine if I were to sub for one day at a time it would be a very hard transition.” Chabriel says “ miss the support and friendships you automatically get when you step onto a base as an active duty member.”she is still the empowering and wonderful teacher that her students love regardless of her  transitional process.

Chabriel says she feels her teaching methods will be different from other teachers by simply sayingI get loud more for sure. I think when I worked as a drill sergeant I was a very different teacher than I am now.” She also feels “I think moving a lot makes my teaching methods different. I have been around a lot of different students and cultures. I do like timelines and attention to detail and I definitely think that is a Navy thing more than a teacher thing.”

Chabriel says that she does not have many goals for this school year but she wants her students to know “ I want them to reach their potential. To realize they can do more than they can do more than they thought. I want them to challenge their perceptions of their ability and achieve what they thought they could not.” She confidently says “I don’t care about Biology as much as I care about the student. Of course I want them to learn and retain many of the fundamental concepts from the NGSS(Next Generation Science Standards) because they will need them to graduate, but most importantly I want them to learn how to think and have their own thoughts and ideas”.  She undoubtedly feels” If I can inspire them to reach for the stars and learn to work hard to achieve a goal I am happy. I would also love them to raise the standards to where they set their own expectations high.” Chabriel is an confident ,beautiful and empowering teacher. Many believe these characteristics definitely approved that she deserves and loves her job.