Is Technology an Asset to the Day to Day Classroom?

Among building renovations, new teachers, and new students, Lake Shore’s newest technological advance has the school in a buzz. Courtesy of the bond package, Lake Shore Public Schools has added Chromebooks to its ever-growing learning environment.

The idea of Chromebooks was introduced to Lake Shore late last year when certain classes were piloting the laptop/tablet duos. Before receiving their Chromebooks, each student was required to sign a contract stating that they will appropriately use their Chromebooks, and care for them accordingly. Each Chromebook came equipped with a durable case and charger.

The following day after receiving the Chromebooks, there was a school wide boot camp to inform students how to properly use their Chromebooks. For example they were taught to submit assignments in Schoology, different shortcuts, and how to utilize their Chromebooks in the most effective way.

While this major advance in technology may sound like a dream for students, it’s quite the opposite for some. Maddie Tomaszycki, junior, voices, “I hate the Chromebooks, because I hate that the teachers make learning an environment about them. Technology is so bad for us.” One of the chief complaints of the Chromebooks is the WiFi connection, or lack thereof.

Gabby Kelel, Junior states, “Half the time you’re barely even connected to the WiFi because too many people are on it. So you sit there the whole class period while everyone else is working still waiting for it to load.” Tomaszycki adds, “If I could change one thing it would be the speed they have, they lag so much and never connect to the WiFi.”

With many displeased students and technical difficulties, the Chromebooks have certainly sparked a new chapter of learning at Lake Shore.