An Exchange of Students and Culture

The students from Spain may be leaving soon, but their time here will be memorable. While here, they were given the opportunity to go on trips that showed off Metro-Detroit’s unique culture and bond with their Lake Shore host.

One of the trips they went on was to the Heidelberg Project, which is an outdoor art environment designed to show how lives can be improved through art. They also spent some time at Greenfield Village, which is a fun place to learn about history in a crazy realistic setting. They also took a cruise down the Detroit River.

Students from Spain seem to be bonding well with their Lake Shore hosts. Julia Grammatico, a 14 year old student from Spain, said that her and her Lake Shore host are friends with a lot of similar interests. Lake Shore teachers that are hosting had all good things to say about their guests as well. Nicholas Gwozdz said that “We’ve been discussing the current political affairs of our respective nations, sharing new foods, and talking about life as a teacher.” “Manuel is now a part of our family,” is what Colleen Tharme said about the teacher she’s hosting.

This entire trip has been a great learning experience for both Shorians and the newcomers. Tharme saying, “I have learned many things about Spanish cooking and culture from Manuel.  We have discussed the differences between America and Spain, and how our education systems are so different.” Grammatico said that the newest and most different things about America are the school and classes, the hours we eat at, and the food itself. However if given the choice, she said she wouldn’t come back because she misses her cat and friends too much.

There are also students from Germany and China here. The German students are leaving Saturday, but the Spain students are going to homecoming Saturday night and leaving Sunday morning.