Views From Inside the Dugout

 Lake Shore High School’s Varsity Baseball team has a hopeful start to the 2017 season. Despite a few bumps in the road, the team is looking ahead and Lake Shore is still looking strong with its new team. Mickale McKithen, who is a Lake Shore High School Senior and the Varsity baseball team’s third baseman, was willing to give a few words on how he felt about the team. He was extremely optimistic to the team’s chances on doing well this season and how the team has been improving.

 McKithen commented on how this season has been going, “We hit a few bumps in the road, but we look like we can be a top contender.” Hopefully McKithen is right and the team can bring home at least a district championship, adding to the banner in the gym. McKithen then stated how he felt about both himself and the team were doing, “I’m doing okay, I’m just focusing on futurewise like college. The team is young, but with the right mindset we can be good.” The team is young indeed, with many players on Varsity being Sophomores and Juniors, the team has a bit of inexperience that may hinder them. Mickale later added players who stood out to him, “Jake Myers is a powerful hitter and Justin Chambe is a great catcher with a good arm. Ben and Gabe Cerrasco bring a great personality to the team, and Brandon Wagner, he’s just a good player all around.” With Brandon Wagner recently signing to Adrian College for a spot on their baseball team, it seems that Lake Shore’s team has a center-piece.

 McKithen went on to state the most challenging things that the team faced this season, “Mindset for pitchers, fighting from behind to take the lead, but fear under pressure is the most challenging thing to overcome.” In a sport like baseball, mindset can be an extremely challenging thing to overcome. It’s something that even pitchers in the MLB still face, even with their years of training. McKithen then commented on how the team is this year compared to last year, “Last year’s team had a lot of experience, we had a lot of seniors that were on the team previous years. This year is more Sophomores and Juniors who are inexperienced to varsity, but it’s been fun helping them out.” As stated earlier the team is extremely young, but everyone is looking to improve and grow together, which is a good thing for both this season and the following seasons, as it will allow Lake Shore to win future championships.

 McKithen commented last on the coaching, “I believe Coach Cerrasco is the ‘GOAT’, he’s always into the game and is always trying to help us out. Coach Jasper is a great third base coach; he brings youth to the group since he used go to Lake Shore High School a couple of years ago, and he’s not only just a good coach but a good friend too.” With both praise and kind words to say about this year’s coaching staff, it seems that Lake Shore will be extremely lucky moving on with a stable and experienced coaching staff.