Tips For Upcoming College Freshmen

  With college right around the corner for a lot of students here at Lake Shore, many students are looking for ways to prepare for the upcoming year. With problems like financial stability, educational standards to meet, and what to expect when they arrive in college, these tips and tricks can help students succeed in college.

  The most important problem on everyone’s mind is how they are going to pay for college. This can be an extremely stressful thing for both parents and students as they prepare to go to college, but it can be broken down and become a stress free situation for some students. This can go down with student loans, which are right around the corner to start getting signed up for. While loans can be expensive, they are a good way to push yourself through and if you can get your parents support in paying some off, most loans don’t accumulate interest until graduation, taking out a huge chunk of the loan. Another way to reduce the cost is if you or your parents have a military background. In 1944 a bill was passed to allow service members to acquire help on education, and after the September 11th attacks, the “G.I. Bill” was now able to be passed on to the recipient’s child, allowing them to receive a huge discount in their tuition. Another great way to cut down on costs is through scholarships which are still going on and you still have a chance to pick up some last minute money through. These are a great way to get through college and to graduate with as little student debt as possible, allowing you to have a major advantage against those who did not plan ahead.

  Another thing that is on everybody’s mind is the educational requirements both in and out of the lecture room. For some, meeting the grades that a college may require is going to be a difficult experience this is why you need to take precautions. It does not matter if you think you are doing well or not because you’re not only playing with your grades but your monetary funds as well. Students should consider joining a study group, if the student is dorming in a “residential college” (Dormitory that is only filled with other students majoring in the same department) then most students will have an extremely easy time in finding other classmates to study with. Asking the professor if you could talk with them afterwards to get a better understanding in the class not only helps students to learn, but it also helps the professor learn the student’s name which is a key role when looking for a recommendation in the future. Finally, something most people look down on, but there is no shame on doing, is hiring a tutor if you have the extra money. Most people look down at this because they feel it makes them look not intelligent. This is not true however, it only shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for your education making you look more responsible and mature in many people’s eyes.

  What to expect in college can vary on both where the student is going to college, how long they will be staying at the institute, and what degree the student is going for. However, many of the different variants have parallels which allow students to get a good idea of what they will be expecting. A major problem many students have when they go to college is waking up on time. This is the number one reason students fail their first year. Students are not used to taking care of themselves independently like they must in college. For most this is a huge wall to overcome however most students do overcome this challenge with a little bit of self discipline. The best way to beat this is get an alarm clock. This is your best friend in college and you must treat it as such if you are going to pass. Leading off on that topic, freedom as a whole is another thing that many college kids experience in mass their first year at college. Many people are not used to this much freedom and some take it in such mass quantities that they have troubles in school because of it. You’ll learn regulation, however, that will stick with you the rest of your life, but it’s best to hit the ground running and learn temperance while you can. The final thing you’ll expect in college is new opportunities. This is an exciting time for students their leaving the house and are going to be off on their own. They’ll meet new friends, form new relationships, and pick up on new hobbies they’d never seen themselves doing before. College is a blast to many students but it’s all about taking the fun in moderation and understanding what either you, your parents, and/or the government is sending you there to do. If you can find a happy medium, there is no doubt that college will be one of the best times in your life.