Seniors Prepare for Graduation Celebration

 With graduation right around the corner, plans for graduation parties are being made by the class of 2017. Graduation parties are often a fun way to celebrate the end of one era, and getting ready to begin a new one. Many people associate graduation with the beginning of adulthood. It’s a chance to gather close friends, acquaintances, family and even former teachers together to have a great time and look back on everything that has lead up to the end of senior year. Endless memories made throughout the years are reflected back on.

 Planning a party this special can be complex and overwhelming to many. It can be difficult to coordinate a date, since there will be so many parties in a short period of time. A lot of people end up attending several parties in one day, leaving one to go to another. When it comes to the party itself, there is a lot that goes into it. Whether or not to host the party at home, what foods will be served, times, dates, etc.  Some graduates choose to have smaller parties over larger ones, while others prefer to throw massive parties with as many people in attendance as possible.

 Shorians have been preparing for their parties for months, and are at different stages in making progress. Callisto Gornowich says that she is still pretty early on in the process, “I have no idea what I’m doing for decorations and stuff.” and Dakota Coldicott is a little further with planning, “I have the date for it decided and I am figuring out who I’m inviting.” Noelle Hagle has the date set, but not many more details,”It’s a work in progress.”

 So whatever the case may be regarding details, all seniors deserve to celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of surviving high school. Graduation is a big deal. After making it this far, a party is well earned.  


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I am a senior this year. I have been on The Shoreline staff for all four years of high school.