Lake Shore’s Fiscal Budget

 Shorians love their schools, but every Lake Shore student can admit that improvements could be made upon the buildings in which we learn. What do students think needs updating, renovating, or knocking down? And what is the school district going to do about it?

 Lake Shore facilities are in constant use. Before and after the school bells ring, sponsored clubs and sports occupy classrooms and courts, but do they have everything they need to be successful? Are we selling our extracurriculars short by making them practice on pitches in disrepair? Sammy Dreisbach, freshman and member of the junior varsity softball team, thinks so. “The baseball diamonds behind the school are wrecked, the fence is twisted and the grass is patchy,” says Dreisbach. The softball player continued, saying, “We have to practice at Kennedy because those diamonds are so bad.”

 Students who are only in the building for only seven hours a day have noticed conditions in need of improvement as well. Out-of-order installations like hand-dryers and drinking fountains are wildly inconvenient, but some students have greater worries. Jacob Houth, senior, is among them. “Isn’t part of the school literally falling off the foundation, like down by the auditorium. I feel like that needs some work, before the walls cave in,” says Houth. This is, of course, an exaggeration, but even if cracks in the walls don’t pose an imminent threat, they’re still unsightly, and while not as easily reparable as the drinking fountains, it’s not unreasonable to expect action to be taken on their behalf.

 The people who are in Lake Shore schools day in and day out want things done with the money resulting from last years bond vote. Now, all that is left, is for that money to directly benefit them. Wayne Satterfield, facilities director for the school district, responded to concerns saying, “I want Shorians to be proud of where they go to school.” Others involved in this renovation process have promised measurable improvements that many are looking forward to.


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