Spanish Students Venture Outside the Classroom

 This spring break, fifteen Lake Shore High School students were allowed the trip of a lifetime to Granada, Spain. These lucky students stayed with host families for 17 days and traveled all over the region, getting a first hand experience of the unique culture.

 There were many highlights on the trip, Kinder Gelato and spending the day on the rocky shores of the Mediterranean to name a few, and with various cultural activities scheduled every day, there was never a dull moment.

 One of the many memorable trips was the visit to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a massive palace complex located in the center of Granada, a place where both visitors and residents can see its historic beauty at all times, and one that draws in travelers from all over the world. Another impressive sight was the church of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, along with their very famous Cathedral. There, students completed a scavenger hunt and learned about the power of the Catholic Church during their reign.

 Shorians were accompanied by their host students for a hike in the Sierra Nevada, specifically the region of Beas, where they were instructed to bring forth their inner Chris McCandless in order to accomplish many tasks including climbing up steep slopes and making a rock path to get across a river. Granada’s science park was also a sight to see, and there, the students watched a “birds of prey” show, in which vultures, falcons, and owls swooped over their heads, followed by a visit to the human anatomy exhibit.

 Perhaps one of everyone’s favorite days was the last Friday there, in which both Spanish and American students visited the Picasso Museum of Malaga, and spent the afternoon on the shores of the Mediterranean. Zac Pierzchala, senior, said that “My favorite trip was to Malaga and going to the beach.”

 The food was also notably delicious, and while Spain’s famous churros were a fan favorite, the pizza parlor, Pizza Metro unanimously beat them out for overall favorite. When asked about the best food, Haley Marsiglio, sophomore, immediately answered, “pizzametro,” and Pierzchala responded with “PIZZAMETRO!”

 One of greatest parts of the entire trip is that it brought everyone together and gave everyone involved the gift of lifelong friends (even if they are across the Atlantic). Despite the fact that most of the Shorians came from various social groups and grade levels, they found that they had a lot in common, and all became great friends. Marsiglio commented, “My favorite part was getting to see how similar we can be to people who live on the other side of the world and how easy it is to become great friends with so many people in such little time.” Pierzchala agreed by adding, “My favorite part was making so many lifelong friends.” All of the students involved, both Spanish and American, keep in touch in one big group chat, and the Americans even made plans to go to lunch.

 All in all, the 2017 trip to Spain was a cultural experience of a lifetime, and one that everyone involved will remember, whether it be through pictures, memories, or keeping in touch with newfound friends.