Students Stop Stressing SAT

 The SAT, designed to evaluate a student’s college readiness, has become the standard in our state since 2015, replacing the ACT as the standardized test at Lake Shore. The SAT, revised as of last year, consists of reading, writing, and math, with a maximum score being 1600. This year’s SAT test took place on April 11th and 12th.

 The revisions made to the SAT last year include adjustments to content, layout, and scoring. The old SAT used three sections for scoring; writing, reading, and math. Additionally, a required argumentative essay was scored with the writing, and the maximum score for the test was 2400. The old SAT penalized incorrect answers minorly as well. In contrast, the new SAT features two sections; reading and writing, and math. An optional essay, scored separately, is offered. The new SAT does not penalize incorrect answers as it did previously. These changes were aimed at providing a more efficient test that better reflects the kind of material the students will encounter in their educational career.

 The participating class, the class of 2018, took the PSAT in April of last year, as per usual for sophomores. The PSAT was considered the new SAT format, as it was administered with last years revised SAT. Alisa Nicosia, junior, says, “The SAT is harder in a few ways, like the math sections.” Nate Custer, junior, said the testing experience was “generally similar” to last year’s PSAT.

 Ewan Dombrowski, junior, points out that “because it covers so many topics, it’s hard to study for.” So, preparation is a large part of the SAT, and Lake Shore works with students to achieve their potential through the SAT prep class. With three teacher from the math and English departments, the students are given preparatory instruction and curriculum for the SAT. Nicosia says, “It helps familiarize with the test and its material.”

 The SAT prep course is not the only way to give yourself some critical know-how, and some of this years testers share some of their studying techniques. Nicosia says “practice tests are a great way to prepare.” Dombrowski says, “using Khan academy and studying the SAT prep work.”

 For students who missed the original testing dates, the makeup date is precisely two weeks after the original date (April 25th). Students can expect their scores to be readily available online within three weeks to a month.