Scouting Improves Lake Shore Community

 Dedicated to helpful and charitable ideals, Boy Scouts all over the United States have been working to better their communities since the organization’s founding in 1910, and St. Clair Shores is no exception. Lakeshore Public School District and it’s surrounding area has several active boy scout troops, and has benefitted greatly as a result. When they’re not camping, local scouts are always donating time and energy to worthwhile causes.

 Some of these efforts include collecting food for the less fortunate with the SCS Goodfellows, or working to improve the facilities that Lake Shore students use everyday. Many of the young men doing this are members of Troop 1490. One of the largest troops in the area, 1490 is chartered by the Goodfellows, and have several members that attend Lake Shore. Students like Andrew Montgomery, Senior, Dominic Hahn, Senior, Alex Smith, Freshman, and Carl Rustoni, Freshman, are all involved in scouting because of the opportunities it gives them to better their surroundings and themselves.

 Another Lake Shore boy scout, expressed how proud of the things his companions are doing to help others. “I’m a boy scout in Troop 1491, chartered by St. Pio church in Roseville, 1491 is always working with local elementary schools, helping and connecting with young students. The teachers often ask us to read or color with the kids.” He continued saying “I always try to impress upon kids, that if they want to do some incredible and meaningful things with their young adult lives, they should become scouts.”

 As was stated in the quote above, scouting isn’t entirely about charity. This organization is still around because of the opportunities it provides its members. Boy Scouts are taught essential life skills and become morally upstanding adults as a result of the uniform they wear. Dedicated scouts might get the chance to go Canoeing in Northern Minnesota, scuba diving in the Florida Keys, or Backpacking in New Mexico. These opportunities are referred to as “High Adventure” and draw many young men to Boy Scouting. Kyle Salk, sophomore and member of Troop 273 in Harper Woods has seen some of the incredible places his fellow scouts have gone. “In the past, troop 273 has sent crews to high adventure bases. We’ve got a lot of young scouts right now, but I look forward to doing some of the amazing stuff I’ve seen other, older scouts do.” says Salk.

 The Boy Scouts of America is an organization for young men who want to experience the natural world, improve themselves, and help others, and it has left an incredibly positive impact on the Lake Shore community of which it is a part.


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