LS Golf Swings Into A New Season

 Meet the Head Coach of the Lake Shore High School’s 2017 Golf Team who has given many statements on his optimism for this year. The 2017 Lake Shore golf team has already been selected and gone on to play a few meets. With both the players and the head coach, James Roehm, being very optimistic on the state of their team, the students of Lake Shore High School can expect a great season ahead of them. Head Coach James Roehm explained how he felt on both the team and how he became Head Coach to gain an understanding on what to expect for the new season.

 James Roehm commented on how good the golf season has been going, “So far so good, we’re working pretty hard. We spent a lot of time at the gym and golf course practicing shoot and it seems that the guys are looking to improve.” Roehm then added how the Lake Shore golf team on how students are selected, “Students come into the gym, we hit golf balls, and the coaches judge you by the way you’re swinging. I can tell pretty quickly by the way the student is swinging if they’re good.” Roehm also stating his opinion on how the golf team is looking this year, “Yeah, we didn’t lose many seniors so everyone from before is kind of back. We’re getting better as a group so everyone, not just one individual, is getting better.”

 Coach Roehm talked about how he started coaching golf at Lake shore, “In college, I played golf and taught golf lessons to little kids. When I started teaching here I liked coaching and they needed a coach so it was a natural fit.” Roehm then stated the length of him coaching at Lake Shore, “This is my fourth year as head coach but I was an assistant coach before that.” Roehm having prior experience golfing in college and teaching golf lessons, it can be easily said that the golf team has a well experienced Head Coach. Coach Roehm closed with how he is being hopeful for good weather this year, “We’re looking forward to a good year, we hope the weather is good because it’s a giant factor in how everyone performs.”

 If students would like to watch the golf meets they can go to St. Clair Shores Country Club where admission is free of charge.