Leslie Houston: The Woman Behind The Desk

You may walk past her before school everyday, but do you really know her? Leslie Houston (affectionately known as Leslie), support staff here at Lake Shore, gives insight to her life outside these walls.

A born and bred Shorian, Leslie spent her school years here at Lake Shore, unknowing it would someday become her home again. “I was at Rodgers, and then Lake Shore,” states Leslie. As for her high school experience, Leslie continues, “I loved high school, I loved it. Back in the 70s it was wonderful. The teachers, thousands of kids, it was a fun time, I had a good time in high school.”

Leslie then returned to Lake Shore to work in 1994. “I kind of wanted a part time job, there was an opening for a sub hall monitor, and I thought I’d try it.” However, she didn’t start off too well, explaining: “I wasn’t too good the first couple weeks. It was intense.”

Outside of school, Leslie is a part time botanist, with a puppy pal by her side. “[The dog’s] name is Jack. He’s a rescue dog, German Shepherd and he’s something else too, but I don’t know what that is,” she says. Her passion, outside of Lake Shore, is gardening. “I plant a lot of things, I just love being outside. I didn’t think I’d be good at it but I just, I love it.”

When not outside taking care of her bountiful vegetable garden, Leslie has a taste that us students at Lake Shore would consider “old school”. When asked if she could live in any fiction world, she said she would want to live in Bewitched, specifically the older sitcom. “I would love to live in her house, I tape every episode, I buy the tapes, I just love Bewitched,” Leslie further describes. Some of her favorite artists include Bryan Ferry and Pink Floyd.

The most prominent trait that shone through, however, was her love for other people. While speaking with her, she greeted and laughed with several students throughout. “Just having you guys come in, say good morning and be safe, you make my day. I can come in here sometimes and be in a bad mood and someone will say something funny and it just changes the mood,” states Leslie. Leslie struggled with Melanoma, skin cancer, a few years ago, and came back to Lake Shore through it all, due to her sheer love of the students here, and high schoolers in general. When asked what job she’d love to have other than here, she replied “I’d be somewhere working with teenagers, it just makes me feel young again. They crack me up, and I just love working with high schoolers.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.