Freshman Takes it to the Mat in OKC

Lake Shore’s very own Nicole Lorenz, freshman, partook in a wrestling event that took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The event was the US Marine Corps Folkstyle wrestling nationals in which Lorenz took eighth place in her age division!

Lorenz stated that the event had lasted from March 21st through March 27th and hundreds of girls from around the nation competed. She also commented, “I went with Michigan’s all-girls national competing/traveling wrestling team.” Being on this team is how Lorenz found out about this exciting event. However the trip was costly she mentioned, “In order for me to even go on the trip I had to fundraise roughly $750 dollars for me to go.” She accomplished this and thus had the amazing opportunity to partake in this wrestling event.

Her day started with a warming up an hour before she wrestled, she stated, “The way I prepared for wrestling is almost zoning out with earbuds in and listen to music that makes me hype and amped up and ready to wrestle.” The wrestling nationals had different age groups that participated: K1 which is kindergarten through third graders, K2 which is third through fifth graders, School Girls which is sixth through eighth graders, Cadet which is eighth through tenth graders, and lastly, Juniors which is ninth through twelfth graders.  She competed in the Cadet group with nine girls and also in the Junior group with 32 girls.  

Lorenz has a love for wrestling and she said, “My favorite part of the event was getting to meet girls who had the same passion as I do.” Meeting other women that have the same enthusiasm for the sport made this event even more special. However, she explained that the most memorable part was, “when my team beat Ohio’s wrestling team, which is exceptionally great, and took third.” She even had the chance to meet Randi Miller, an Olympic bronze medalist!