Reduced Schedule = Reduced Stress

This school year, the Reduced Schedule policy was changed so that students were not allowed to have a reduced schedule until the third trimester. As a member of Lake Shore’s administrative staff, Principal Janelle Bross gave her reasoning behind the decision. However, many students do not support the change.

Typically, juniors and seniors who maintain a decent GPA and are on the right track to graduation, or have enough credits to graduate early, are eligible for a reduced schedule. However, according to Bross and other members of administration, “Reduced schedules in the second trimester for students that don’t yet have enough credits to graduate led to some situations where seniors were in danger of not graduating.” She also stated that “Reduced schedules led to problems with athletic eligibility.”, and, finally, “Reduced schedules led to issues with count day which is connected to our funding.”

One student, in particular, Senior, Mercedes Chamberlain, weighed in on the new policy, along with her views on having a reduced schedule. Although she does not have a reduced schedule, “because [she is] waiting for a response from the University of Michigan, [and] they require a full schedule,” she says that she, “would recommend a reduced schedule if a student has all of their required classes.” Chamberlain continues by voicing her opinion on whether or not students should have a reduced schedule, “Personally I do not understand why the school would not want us to have a reduced schedule. I could have graduated after the first trimester, but again because of Michigan, I could not. However, if I was not waiting for a response I would have rather had a reduced schedule all three trimesters.”

Another Shorian, Senior, Megan Ritz, does not have a reduced schedule, however, she has many hybrid classes. Ritz says that having those classes off  “is so freeing…and I think it shows a sense of responsibility when students can have them. It prepares you for college.” When discussing the benefits of having a reduced schedule Ritz explains, “The benefits of having a reduced schedule are having the chance to work more, having less classes especially if you have over the needed amount of credits, more freedom and more of a college feel.” Having a hybrid schedule definitely mirrors one of a reduced schedule, being that both options allow a student some time off of the school day. Ritz narrows in on how her hybrid schedule personally benefited her and her career as a student, saying “I feel like having a hybrid schedule has truly given me an opportunity to get the college feel. [In] my first hybrid class, I only had to go one day a week and I took advantage of this and I got behind and it was a lot of work to catch up on.”

All in all, students have benefitted from having reduced schedules in the past, and do not think that this new change in policy will benefit the student body. Having both a reduced schedule and a hybrid schedule helps students better prepare for college, and gives them the opportunity to become more responsible.