Dash Ten Rocks Lake Shore

Meet Dash Ten, the United States Army’s new rock band that visited Lake Shore High School on March 14th. Dash Ten’s members are Sgt. Corrin Campbell (Vocals/ Bass/ Pianist), Staff Sgt. Stephen Ebert (Guitar), Staff Sgt. Pete Greenberg (Drums), Sgt. 1st Class Timothy J. Staudacher (Soundboard), and SPC Pearl Scott (Vocals), who all have been working both the military and as musicians their whole careers.

Students gathered inside the gymnasium to view the concert provided and funded by the Army Musical Outreach Program (AMOP). This program was designed to show kids that you can serve the United States Army in multiple and less traditional ways. AMOP has helped push the band along on their way by both sponsoring them and booking them gigs with schools around the United States and tours, like the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. With their growing popularity, Dash Ten produced their first album on May 21st, 2016 titled Dash|Ten taking the band’s name. This album can be found on both Spotify and Apple Music. This is not Sgt. Corrin Campbell’s first band either; she played in the band “Corrin Campbell & The Election” from 2008 to 2014. Also while deployed in Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom II, she played music in the military base and was able to meet and open for stars like Robin Williams, Ted Nugent, and Toby Keith when their USO (United Service Organization) shows visited Baghdad. Being the United States Army’s only rock band, and with experience under their belt, they were ready for a concert at Lake Shore.

When students arrived in the gymnasium and quieted down, they were treated to a concert, T-Shirts, and hats. The rock band started the show off by playing top 40 hits and with the crowd chanting after every song. While the band was playing, U.S. Army soldiers were passing around tablets where students signed up for a raffle where they could win prizes. During the entire concert students went wild, the band being extremely interactive with the crowd and crowd being interactive back by holding their phones up, cheering along and even dancing with the artists. SPC Pearl Scott was the star of the show when she came on stage and started singing, being the newest member there she showed that experience is not always everything and the students agreed. At the end of the show, the band gave out shirts and hats from a raffle. Once the raffle was complete, they started launching merchandise into the crowd. After the show, the band was extremely open to fans offering to sign autographs, talk to fans, and take pictures.

The show was an amazing treat for both students and faculty members alike with many asking for more. Unfortunately, Corrin Campbell is retiring from the United States Army and Dash Ten this year. However, with a new bass player signed and a new vocalist, Dash Ten is expected to keep going with the same level of energy and talent as before. Right now, Lake Shore awaits to hear if Dash Ten will be coming back next year, but hopefully, even with the band’s busy schedule, the students will be seeing a show next year as great if not greater than this years. [/vc_column_text]