Breaking Down Spring Break ’17

For seniors, Spring Break is their last big break of their high school career. After Spring Break comes the final stretch of school, finals, and their eventual last day. However, with Spring Break being students last hurrah before graduation, many students are looking to make it a week that they’ll never forget.

Javon Brad summarizes the appeal of Spring Break the best “We’re all going down south to get away from the cold.” After a less than forgiving winter season, it’s definitely a necessity for some students to get out of the Michigan cold and into the warmth of some other states. One popular destination every year is for students to go somewhere in Florida. One student, in particular, Brianna Leo is going down south with clear intentions “I’m going to Clearwater, Florida with a large group of my friends. We’ll probably spend a lot of time shopping and hanging out on the beach.” Other students don’t have one clear destination in the Sunshine State, however. “We’re going to be taking a road trip all around Florida,” says Isabella, Lapinta. Another student Gianna Placido-Curle has a similar plan, hitting numerous destinations in her week away from the mitten. “We’re going to Clearwater, Key West, and Miami during break, mostly spending our time at the beach.”

Spring Break isn’t just about the beach, though. Some students such as Rob Scheetz are going to be using their time for relaxation/ “We’re going to Panama City Beach and we’ll crash there and explore Florida.” Florida isn’t the only destination for students to go to, though. Jon Tomlian is taking a long cruise during his break. “I’m going on a cruise to Haiti and part of Mexico with a ton of my hockey teammates.” Not too far off, Chuck Harr is going to be spending his time in the Bahamas with his family and girlfriend. “I’ll definitely be enjoying myself. Double it because the legal drinking age is and I’m now 18.”

Spring Break may be the best part of senior year for a lot of the graduating class. Everybody stay safe and make memories that you will never forget.