Ashland Falls: a Play Within a Play

A play full of promising future stars, Ashland Falls took the spotlight of Lake Shore High School’s auditorium last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Ashland Falls is a show revolving around a high school drama course putting on a play dating back to 1800s England. After the disappearance of the original director and the entrance of another, Laura (played by Allison Ritz, junior), the high school cast is faced with not only the struggles of the average teenager, but the mysterious happenings going on in relation to the play.

The play put on by the high school cast revolves around an even darker story, one of witchcraft and loss. On the night of the marriage of Dalton (played by Alex Salerno, sophomore) and Ashley (played by Katie Steeves, sophomore), Ashley faces a mysterious death by falling off Ashland Falls, the place her and Dalton first kissed. Noticed by other friends of Ashley, her dear friend, Kaelyn (played by Antoinette Clark, freshman) has a particular interest in Dalton from the very beginning. Played off as a suicide, but leaving many characters in doubt, this murder mystery will leave viewers on the edge of their seat until the end.

A phenomenal two act play, they had a set to match the excellence of the cast. A bountiful forest back drop complete with a glowing moon stood throughout, really giving an outdoor feel along with an eerie tone. Ashland Falls itself was complete with its own greenery and a cliff that looked of real stone. As for the inside of the home of Nara (played by Alex Newby, junior), there was a real sense of comfort, from the furniture to the stained glass above the door. The separation between indoors and outdoors was clean and simple to understand.

The cast, however, truly made the play complete. Stand out acts included Katie Steeves, Dylan Slamka, senior, Alex Salerno, Kathrine Kirchinger, junior, and Julia Munger, sophomore. Each person seemed to really understand their characters feelings and flaws, whether it be hurt, anger, or insanity. This goes to highlight not only their talent, but the skilled casting of Patrick Akerley, director.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.