A Tale as Old as Time Retold

The wait is officially over, Beauty and the Beast was finally released on March 17th. For most this was an exciting moment, a classic Disney movie was brought to life. Others, however, could not look past some of the controversial topics.

The movie as a whole was dazzling, it recreated the classic movie and incorporated all of the memorable scenes from the original. Even the actors chosen for the roles fit perfectly with what characters they portrayed. Emma Watson did a fantastic job with her representation of Belle, although there were minor changes to the plot, she was still a great fit. The unforgettable songs featured rekindled the hearts of its viewers, as they sang the tunes from memory.   

There are multiple theaters that are boycotting the film due to the homosexual scenes in it; however I believe that they are blowing it out of proportion. It is 2017 and gay marriage has been legalized, so why is it such a big deal to normalize it?  Also, we have to remember that it is a children’s movie and unless you are looking for it, is it really that obvious?

Beauty and the Beast has two layers upon inspection; there are abusive undertones and Stockholm Syndrome, and there is also a good storyline and a love story. Many viewers go back and forth about if it is a true love story or Stockholm Syndrome that took hold of Belle. This is a hard topic, for some she fell in love with her kidnapper and it was not true love. On the other hand, however, it was true love or the curse would have never been broken. All in all, it is really up to the viewer and what they believe.
Overall, the movie was fantastic and it did great in the box office with 425 million dollars and is currently number one. Furthermore, viewers should get over their previous biases and enjoy the show.