Shorian Hockettes Wow the World

As the Hockettes Junior Synchronized Skating Team takes their place on the ice, the adoring fans scream. Kara Burns and Caitlyn Churchill have mixed emotions, but mostly pride for getting to where they are. The team overcame many obstacles and made it to Gothenburg, Sweden where they gave it their all, plus some.

Kara Burns and Caitlyn Churchill do an amazing sport. They are a part of the Hockettes Junior Synchronized Skating Team and absolutely love it. Burns has been skating for 13 years and has been a part of the Hockettes for three. “The most difficult thing to learn was having to work with 15 other girls on the ice as one unit,” Burns revealed. Burns has been doing synchro for nine years, so when she started at three years old she experienced some difficulties, but got the hang of it. Learning something new takes time.“I try to always think positive and tell myself that it takes practice to perfect the skill,” explains Churchill. The girls and their team have many awards for hard work, dedication, and just being plain good.

The Hockettes traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden this past January. They acquired fifth out of ten teams. Some teams were from Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Canada. The team did encounter a few bumps, however. The flight they took got delayed, yet that didn’t get their spirits down. They practiced their routine in the airport for passing people to see. They also beat illness, as “15/20 girls got sick the first night we arrived. We all expected the worst, that we wouldn’t compete.”says Churchill. Nevertheless, the girls pushed through it and made it. The girls had an incredible experience, and looking back on it Burns says, “It was surreal, getting to travel the world with 19 of your best friends and getting to represent your country on and off the ice is an unforgettable feeling”. The girls and their fellow teammates plan to keep on progressing forward until they reach the top, they have been ever since they were young and they don’t plan to stop now.