Local Flavors Attend Shorian Taste Fest

On Sunday, March 5th, the annual Shorian Taste Fest, a fundraiser for Lake Shore’s football team, commenced.

With over 30 vendors, from hometown favorites (such as Polish Kitchen) to restaurant chains (like Del Taco) to new businesses (places like Billy’s Blends), this action packed event offered a wide variety of desserts, sandwiches, and entrées. A fruit and vegetable spread from Nino Salvaggio’s and a spinach and strawberry salad from Celebrity Catering were offered, while on the flip side, barbecued ribs from Sugarbush Tavern and fried chicken potatoes from Chicken Shack were an option as well; there were dishes for everyone to love!

A party devoted to fun as well as food, a sea of raffle prizes flooded the building. Thousands of dollars worth of awards, ranging from the College Dorm Package, complete with a mini fridge, sheets and pillows, towels, and all your other basic dorm room necessities, to more adult prizes, like the Wheelbarrow of Alcohol with over 25 bottles of miscellaneous drinks from wine to liquor, to extravagant scores, such as an Apple watch, and flat screen televisions. And for those less interested in the material items, two 50/50 raffles were drawn as well as a “money tree” raffle in which each leaf has a dollar bill.

While many attendees were friends and family of Lake Shore students and/or staff, there were a few stand out celebrities of the community at the venue. Vanessa Chambe, Miss Saint Clair Shores, was there in support of her brother Austin Chambe, who was performing as a part of Lake Shore’s jazz ensemble. Along with this, on the side of the school as well as his business, Billy Sims, former Detroit Lions running back was found standing near the Billy Sims’ Barbecue booth for photo opportunities.

One of the high points for this event is not only to raise money for the football program, but to give exposure to local businesses. One of the key ways they are promoted is through the annual awards given, such as “Mayor’s Choice”, delivered on red chef hats. Notable winners this year include Billy’s Blends for Best Drink, Polish Kitchen for Mayor’s Choice, G Willies for Best Sandwich, and Celebrity Catering for Best Entree.

An event good for the school and the community, the Shorian Taste Fest is not one to miss. If you couldn’t make it this year, keep your eyes out next February and be ready to save the date.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.