Credit Union Offers Unique Opportunity

Eleventh grade applicants are being sought out for the new job opening at Michigan First Credit Union here at Lake Shore High School, which is currently ran by Vicky Armes.

The credit union provides Shorians who are employed there with minimum wage, which is currently at $8.90. Students would work about 1-2 hours a day, depending on the class period(s) that you choose to do. If you choose 5th hour, you will stay until 3:30 after school. When asked about what exactly the job responsibilities here are, Armes stated, “marketing [is largely included], as you will market the credit union with presentations in classrooms.” And of course, banking! You will be dealing with money and aiding the students of Lake Shore with their bank accounts and transactions. No class is needed prior to working here, however, there are certain requirements.

A minimum GPA of 2.8 is essential, following recommendations from two teachers. In order to receive the recommendations, you must stop by the credit union and pick up the form. “Cash handling experience is a plus, but not required,” Armes furtherly explained. Some skills in math are needed as well. Lastly, and probably most importantly, you must be, as communicated by Armes, “honest and trustworthy.”

Being employed at this credit union is an excellent opportunity for all, but especially for those looking to pursue a career in banking, marketing, etc. In fact, Armes revealed that there have been previous Lake Shore employees who began working as “student tellers” and are now Michigan first employees, and also supervisors and assistant branch managers. Mickale Mckithen, senior and current employee, said that the best part about working here is that “you get to work during school!” In addition to this, Davon Woodard, also a senior and employed at the credit union, declared that the major benefit of having this as a job is “meeting new people all the time.”

If you are interested in becoming a student teller, please pick up an application at Lake Shore’s credit union, located right next to room 106.