All the Wonderful Places Shorian Athletes Will Go

Working hard and putting in all of your effort into the sport you play can pay off, and a few of Lake Shore’s best athletes have committed to colleges to play their beloved sport.

Shorians have signed to play softball at a professional level for years. This year, Natalie Stepanenko continues the tradition by signing her NLI (National Letter of Intent) to Hillsdale College. This decision was meticulous as she received many offers, notably Detroit Mercy. Her selection is located in Hillsdale, Michigan, and this western campus meets everything Stepanenko needs. The athlete says, “I fell in love with Hillsdale’s campus, academics, and coaching staff, and I just knew that it was where I wanted to spend my next four years.” Her wallet thanks her choice as well, as she celebrates, “I received a partial scholarship but after including my academic scholarships and grants I’m almost up to a full ride”.

The excitement continues with Lake Shore’s very own Tanner Konal; he committed to Concordia University Ann Arbor. Although he received several offers from a variety of colleges, he decided to go to Concordia! Konal chose this college over all others because he, “… loved the location of CUAA and the staff athletically and academically.” Concordia was also very welcoming and that contributed to his decision for choosing this school. According to Konal, he received a scholarship for football to play at the university. He also stated, “Just getting to travel and play a college level sport is an achievement.” So far, Konal has only verbally committed to the school, however on March 10th at 1:30 he will be signing to the university!

Another Shorian to commit to a university is Antonios Kazdaglis, also to Concordia University Ann Arbor! He also received three other offers, however he explained that he chose the university because, “I liked the campus more than the others and Concordia has the right learning environment for me.” That is one of the most important factors for him. Kazdaglis also earned scholarships for both academics and athletics for soccer, and he has already signed to commit to the college. Kazdaglis is most excited for, “A new experience, [and] basically changing my everyday life routine.”

The future of these fellow Shorians is bright. They exemplify for all future students the benefits of persistence and determination.