Volunteer Opportunities for Shorians

Are you a member of NHS? A student in need of service hours? Or just looking to be a good samaritan? Then look no further as these volunteer opportunities  may be perfect for you.

If you are an animal lover, volunteering at your local animal shelter is a great opportunity. Most shelters have an age restriction of 18 due to insurance purposes, however there are a few that only require parent permission from minors. The Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan located in Madison Heights is one of those shelters, and applications can be printed from their website (http://www.animalwelfaresociety.net/). Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren (PAAW) is another shelter that permits minors to volunteer, and Rylie Duggan, junior, volunteers there four days a week. Applications can also be found on their website (http://www.paawarren.org/PAAWVolunteerApplication.php). If you cannot commit to a weekly volunteer schedule for these shelters, conducting a blanket/towel drive is a fantastic way to help out animals at your local shelter, and involves little effort.

If you are a student who loves sports, the Frazier Civic Center is currently offering an opportunity for you. From Friday March 3-Sunday March 5, students have the opportunity to earn service hours by working the penalty box during games. They are in need of 2 people per game-one for each team’s penalty box-and as of now, almost all spots are available.

Tutoring is another great way to earn service hours. In any subject, you can inquire with your teacher to see if any students are in need of some extra help, and as long as the sessions take place after school hours, it is a credible way to earn them. Upperclassman can talk to freshman and sophomore teachers too, and foreign language classes are almost always in need of tutors. Kennedy and the elementary schools are usually looking for tutoring help as well. If interested in tutoring at the middle school, contact Principal Donohue at pdonohue@lsps.org for more information. For inquiries on tutoring at the elementary schools, Rodgers inquiries can be sent to Principal Sam at csam@lsps.org, Violet to Principal Grassi at jgrassi@lsps.org, and Masonic to Principal Lewis at glewis@lsps.org.

Helping out families in need is another great way to not only earn community service hours, but to also help fellow citizens. There are many food banks and food drives that are always in need of volunteers. Gleaners Community Food Bank has many opportunities that can be found on their website (http://www.gcfb.org/volunteer_opportunities).

Hopefully these opportunities make it easier to earn your service hours, and inspire you to help out your community!