New Sport Comes to Lake Shore: Trap Shooting

Beginning March 10th, Lake Shore High School will provide students with the opportunity to join the new trap shooting team. What is trap shooting, one may ask? Well, it consists of five players (called the squad) heading up to the firing line, located on the trap field. There are five stations on the line. In the middle of the field, there is an area where the trap house is situated (with a distance of sixteen yards between the firing line and the trap house). The squad assemble at the firing line, each individual receiving their own station as their territory. According to Chaos311Clarity on YouTube, station one’s player, “…calls for a ‘looker target,’ or bird, so the squad can familiarize themselves with the breakpoints and field layout.” The team member has to call “pull,” also known as calling for his/her target. Clay targets fly from the trap house, and it is the squad member’s responsibility to shoot. Each player within the five stations takes their turn doing this, five shots each. For an entire round, every member shoots 25 shots. Lake Shore’s team will be in collaboration with Richmond team.

Christopher Hubbard, History teacher, will be in charge of this newly added sport. When asked if there is a limit to how many students may join, Hubbard declared, “we are not limited, but there is a rule that there has to be one coach for every ten players. I do know some people outside of school who are interested in coaching with me, since we had eighteen students show up at the meeting.”

There are minimum requirements for those interested, the first and foremost being a parent signature that gives you permission to join the team and to participate. A Hunter Safety Certificate is also needed, and you must supply yourself with either a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.

Practices will be held at the Richmond Sportsman Club on Tuesdays at 5, while competitions will be on Saturdays at 9 a.m.

This team is opened to both the boys and girls of Lake Shore, and the Chinese exchange students are also able to join! The deadline to be registered with the league is March 15. If you are considering participating in this sport, Mr. Hubbard explains, “the best thing to do is to check out and get more info.”