Is it Too Early for Prom Dress Shopping?

It’s that time of year again, where guys and gals obsess over prom. Prom is one of the most memorable moments of high school, and in such, the average student spends around $900 on the affair to make it extra special. Some Lake Shore students have already started dress shopping for their prom get-up and I believe that taking your time with shopping can be beneficial.

Shannon West, senior, has said that she is going to prom but hasn’t started dress shopping. “You want to get a good dress and make sure you look through all the possibilities,” says West. West’s budget is $200 or less and she is looking for anything as long as it is not off the shoulders. Thankfully there are plenty of to look such as , David’s Bridal, Windsor, and much more. Although she makes a fair point, as there are so many places to look and dress options, other students beg to differ. Jasmine Bucholtz, senior, says that she isn’t attending prom, but thinks it’s not too early to start shopping. “Some people have already bought their dresses but I wouldn’t wait till’ last minute, because all the good ones will be gone.” However, there are still many months left until prom, so waiting to get a dress now isn’t so “last minute”.

While some students are looking for dresses, others can’t afford to. Lake Shore’s own Vanessa Chambe, 2016 graduate, has come up with a fantastic idea to help out. The Dress Drive is an operation to help girls who can’t afford the expenses of Prom. Chambe has partnered with A Beautiful Me, a non profit organization that puts helps girls get dresses for special occasions for a reasonable price. The donations have already started and we wants to get everyone involved. You can drop dresses off at the guidance office.

Most girls seem to think it isn’t too early to rummage around for dresses. You want that Cinderella fit and in order to have that you need to search the land to see what fits best. Sometimes you see the dress immediately and in some cases you just need a little extra time to find a perfect dress.