Early Graduation

Senior year is an exciting time for many Lake Shore students, some in particular, those who are graduating early or who have graduated early. A handful of students finished up their senior year after the first trimester, and now another group are graduating after this trimester, and we are here to find out some of their plans after they have finished.  

A majority of the students discovered that they could graduate early through their counselor and Zoey Colby, recent graduate, concurred. She also stated the reason she wanted to prematurely graduate is, “… I wanted to work and start saving up for college funds.” Getting ahead and saving plays a major role for students about to attend college. Colby currently has two jobs in order to save for her first year in college. She continues with, “…I plan on doing my basics at Macomb in the fall and then transferring to a university, I’m not sure which one though.”

Furthermore, Lily Nichols, senior, agreed with Colby stating, “ I went to my counselor and asked her and she said I have enough credits [to graduate early].” Staying on track with your schedule and taking your mandatory courses is how you give yourself the opportunity to finish school earlier than others. Nichols stated she graduated sooner than usual so she can, “… work full time to have enough money to go to college.” She needs to start saving for admissions for her new beginning at Wayne in the fall!

Beth Tomaszewski, recent graduate, was ahead more than usual with her credits due to the classes she has taken. Tomaszewski stated, “The counselor told me I would exceed the maximum credits if I stayed all year.” Thus graduating early was a given and it also benefited Tomaszewski with her plan for college. “I wanted to get a head start on my college classes,” she commented. Tomaszewski continued with, “I decided it was right for me because it would aid in my early graduation from college.” She is currently a full time student, taking 16 credits, in the advantage program at WSU and Macomb.  

These are just a few of the students that have or will graduate early for the class of 2017. Keep up-to-date with your class counselor and maybe during your senior year you can graduate early!