The Future of Education is Now

Recently, Lake Shore students have started taking alternative routes to graduation. Instead of waking up every morning and coming to school, other students are loading up their computers and hitting the virtual books. Online schooling has become a more prominent alternative for students in recent years. In fact, to some students it actually has become a better alternative for them.

Bayleigh Williamson, senior, is one of the few students who have decided to make the switch to electronic education. “The reason I switched was mainly because I had chronic migraines that kept me out of school. I had missed a lot of school because of them, and didn’t want my grades to only be counted as a credit.” Williamson also mentions how online schooling has allowed her more opportunities to find work. “Since I went online I’ve been able to work as many hours I want during the week. Also, I’ve been granted way more job opportunities than I could have ever imagined.” With more time to herself, the amount of struggling that most students deal with becomes much less prominent in her life. “You have much more leeway with doing your work. If you really push yourself, you can get ahead of the game, which can allow you more time to yourself in the future.” Williamson says that she’s still uncertain about how she will go about pursuing her future education, but there are plenty of options for her to choose from.

Another student to make the jump to his computer is Sheldon Ferrebee, senior. He decided to make the switch early on in his senior year because he was tired of dealing with school. “There was just a lot of drama and needless time being spent at school.” Now, Ferrebee is able to do his school work much more liberally, not having any stress from daily school life interfering. “It’s definitely been easier,” says Ferrebee, “I’ve been able to work hard, not only on my school work, but at my part-time job, as well.” Ferrebee, like Williamson, is not 100% certain on where he’ll be next year. “It seems so far off. I’m sure I’ll figure it out with a little bit more time to think.”

From these two students perspectives, it’s clear that online schooling has done much more to benefit them as not only students, but as young adults. They both have enough time to advance their education and financially improve themselves. For them, and many more students, online classes may be the best solution.