An Update on Our New Attendance Policy

In the beginning of the second trimester, Lake Shore’s administration decided on a new attendance policy. Robert Popp, Dean of Students, has been one of the major advocates for this policy, Popp states, “I think it’s been beneficial, I think it’s made students more aware of their tardiness and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

This policy was put into place to eliminate chronic absenteeism at Lake Shore. This goal was to be achieved by setting a limit on how many absences and tardies a student could have. Once that limit was passed, a meeting would be called with Mr. Popp. If the absences and or tardies continue further measures are taken. These consequences to not complying with the policy further include community service, and detention. Popp adds, “It’s our hope that none of these interventions have to happen and that the students just make the right choices.” However, detention is a very bleak concept by nature. Popp is changing up the normal detention stigma by having the students do community service, and sometimes listen to presentations and give feedback. There has been a total of thirty to forty attendees at one time. The consequences for constantly not showing up to your detention, or community service appointment include a letter home to your guardian, and a meeting is scheduled.

The real question is: Is this policy really effective? Popp adds,“Some students have made great progress in being in class more and on time and I think over time it becomes the norm. I don’t think we will have nearly as many kids who are missing school or late for school.” Now, two months since this policy has been put into place, tardiness and absenteeism at Lake Shore has plummeted by a total of 75 percent.

In the beginning stages of this policy, many students were up in arms over the extreme measures taken. However, Popp reassures,“It’s not something anyone is angry about, we just want the students to make wise choices to be in school.” For any further questions, visit Mr. Popp in room 217.