Breakfast of the Champions

A longstanding adage of America’s hardest working students encourages a balanced breakfast to begin a day’s activities properly. The much needed energy for morning classes can be hard to find with punctuality being a priority. Lake Shore’s Food Service has begun a program called 2nd Chance Breakfast to provide industrious students with a chance to eat in the early hours, with morning meals available to students after second period between 9 o’clock and 9:10. Along with this, a weekly drawing is held for students who decide to eat breakfast, with gift cards given out to the winners. The selection of drinks from vending machines and lunch lines as been adjusted as well.

The 2nd Chance program came about with concerns for students who do not have an opportunity to eat before first hour, providing an eating period before 2nd hour. Food Service director Christina Morris says, “We were hoping that we could reach out and try to grab the students who may be running late in morning or it’s just too early for them to eat.” This helps accommodate students schedules for school and eating. Meals are free and reduced for eligible students, with a full price meal costing $1.35. The breakfast meals offered are aimed at having proper nutritional value for students, with some of the delicious breakfast foods include muffins, bagels, and even smoothie tasters. Servicing kiosks are available in the front hall near the main office and located upstairs.

Available in the cafeteria and in select vending machines, select flavors of Mountain Dew kickstart have been changed. A new flavor, raspberry citrus, is being sold. Although a flavor was replaced to accommodate, this crisp refreshment is a great addition. “We are always trying new things!”, says Morris. Despite being sold for a relatively short period of time so far, its reception has been very positive.

Yet another enactment of the Food Service is a weekly gift card raffle involving breakfast purchases. Students who purchase a breakfast, 2nd Chance included, are eligible to be drawn for a gift card of their choosing. A $10 value gasoline gift card and a $10 value movie gift card are offered to select winners. This opportunity will be available to students for the next few months as well.

Lake Shore’s Food Service is always looking for input from the students at our schools. Student’s interests are first, and the food service has set up an online survey for people to give feedback. Let them know what you think here.