Seniors Spike on the Staff: Powerbuff 2017

The Powderbuff event is a play on the age old “powderpuff” game played by high school girls. In this gender-swap sport, men take their testosterone to the volleyball court for some digs and spikes.

At Lake Shore High School, we take the festivities to the next level. On Friday, February 10th students sacrificed class time in favor of a tournament style gauntlet. The Freshmen team had an impressive performance; they beat the Juniors and made it to the quarterfinals. Their qualifying opponent, the Senior class, showed off their hours of practice against the Sophomores and Freshmen teams. The beginning wins were quick and painful with multiple point leads from the winning teams, but nothing could prepare the victors for their match against the staff.

“We’re feeling confident. We had practice yesterday, we’ve got our secret weapon ready, and we’re ready to go” boasts Mr. Roehm, pumping iron during the interview. After a Rocky-inspired jog around the court, Lake Shore Staff assumed position to attack the Seniors. It appeared to be a one sided match when the Seniors went on a streak of well-placed serves, but the teachers didn’t give up. With Mr. Stevens and Coach Will quickly tying up the game, Hartley announced the executive order to dismiss the time limit. This game would be played until one team got to 25 points or more by a two-point margin. Emotions rose, tension thickened, and the teams played better than ever. The crowd immediately took sides; any team that’s not the Seniors was hailed by the other classes. Although half the Seniors were missing from their section, those who were in attendance cheered until their throats were dry. In the end the young and agile Seniors delivered a devastating spike towards Christopher Gwozdz, finishing the game 24-26.