Tropical Smoothie Cafe Sweeps Up Shorian Nation

At Lake Shore High, there are various trends that are constantly sweeping up the Shorians, one of the newest being the prominent Tropical Smoothie Cafe. From sweet & taste-bud pleasing to healthy detoxes & immune boosters, there is a wide variety to choose from (the decision making process is certainly not an easy one!).


When asked, students had a difference in opinions on the cafe and its growing popularity. Dylan Camargo, senior, admitted that his favorite smoothie is the Acai Berry Boost. He also added, “I think that Tropical is overrated. The smoothies are pretty good, but they cost too much. I can make a better smoothie at my house!” On the opposing side, junior Evan Kramer said that he likes the Peanut Paradise smoothie, and further stated, “it’s kind of overrated, but to an extent. It just depends on the smoothie you get.”


Madison Kukla, senior, also expressed her enjoyment of smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. However, she questioned, “I don’t understand why they don’t have sizes [such as small, medium or large].” Lake Shore Shorian Mariah Stefani, senior, is currently employed at the cafe. Stefani made it clear that, “we don’t have sizes because most recipes call for a specific number of scoops for each ingredient, so it would make it really complicated [to offer a variety of sizes].”


Week after week and month after month, new trends are always peaking at Lake Shore, old trends quickly descending. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has been such a hit, it has yet to drop!