Puppy Bowl XIII

This year marked the Fifty-First Annual Super Bowl, but let’s be real, Lake Shore, what you really cared about was the Thirteenth Annual Puppy Bowl.

This year, the game took a turn from usual events, and shocked the nation with Team Fluff beating Team Ruff for the first time in two years, by a landslide of 93-38. After many debates over social media, 17 week old poodle mix, Rory, took home the award for MVP (Most Valuable Pup).

This year, Animal Planet had 40 precious pups in the starting lineup, and 37 back-up pups, all from various shelters all over the nation. They even highlighted three puppies with disabilities: 3-legged Lucky, deaf Doobert, and sight and hearing impaired Winston.

Team Fluff held a strong lead from the beginning, with leader, MVP Rory, scoring 17 points in the first quarter, and by the end of the game, had a new Puppy Bowl scoring record. Another major help to Team Fluff’s win was Alexander Hamilpup, who stirred a big debate on social media, with many people wanting him to win MVP. (It’s ok, Hamilpup, you’re an MVP in my eyes.)

Team Ruff is still worthy of recognition, as Daisy clawed the previously victorious team to a comeback, carrying the green plastic dinosaur, and later the stuffed corn, all the way across the field for a touchdown in the second quarter.

With many great moments during Sunday’s big game, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but here’s some of the highlights. The water bowl camera is a favorable moment every year, because who doesn’t enjoy watching tiny dogs quench their thirst? The kitty halftime show was a major success (per usual), as the Chicago Rock Cats, lead by bandmate Kitty Gaga, performed many pawesome songs. Not to mention Muffin the Chinchilla, who had a very intense few hours, stress nibbling away at the game from the stands. The Guinea Pig cheerleaders were a crowd favorite, stealing the spotlight after every touchdown. The kiss cam is arguably a fan favorite, with fans from all over the country submitting videos of them smooching their pooch.

What most people don’t realize about the Puppy Bowl, however, is that Animal Planet uses it as a way to bring attention to the impending issue of homeless animals all over the nation. With all 78 puppies, and all the kittens in the halftime show being from various shelters, the big game serves as a gateway of inspiration for families all over the country to adopt. The ultimate goal of the game is to get all 78 adorable puppies adopted out, and every year, they come very close to reaching that goal.