New Edition to Lake Shore’s Math Department

Lake Shore is always welcoming new teachers, and the latest edition was just added last week. Meet Dayle Micale, MCC, Saginaw Valley, and Grand Valley State Alumni, and newest Algebra II teacher here at the High School.

Micale graduated from Dakota High School in 2011 and went off to “Macomb Community College for two years, then Saginaw Valley for one year, and then Grand Valley State University for one year.” She then went into student teaching at Sterling Heights High School, and “before here, [she] was at Dakota High School.” She taught Algebra II at both schools, and her favorite math is “working with quadratics and different types of functions”.

So far, Micale has had nothing but a warm welcoming from Lake Shore’s staff and students. While discussing the school, she says “I love how the school is small, and [how] everyone works together…and [that it] has a very supportive staff, and the students are very supportive.”

On her free time, Micale likes to “run, bike, build puzzles, go up north, and ski.” Winter is her favorite season, she “love[s] to be outside, [and] can’t whistle.” Another fun fact she shared with us was that she is “getting married [in] November 2017.”(Not to worry, Lake Shore, that won’t be on the final.)

Micale says that she is “most looking forward to being involved with the school and the community.” She finished by saying she is “very excited to be here and [is] ready for a great rest of the year!” Ms. Micale can be found in the auditorium, or in her office, room 102.