Dive In To Lake Shore’s Lifeguarding Class

Lifeguarding has been the dream job of any swimmer for many years. Students at Lake Shore who are advanced in swimming can achieve this dream.However not many students know about it. Robin Kutney, a Physical Education teacher here at Lake Shore, instructs a lifeguarding class to help students become certified.

Among the variety of Physical Education classes that are available at Lake Shore, Lifeguarding provides you with a variety of benefits. Upon successful completion of the class, you then become certified in not only lifeguarding, but in CPR as well. You learn many life saving techniques, including working with oxygen and several CPR techniques you would need in a real life case of drowning. The class involves rigorous training to prepare the students for real-life situations. Diving into a pool, picking up a 10 pound brick, and then swimming backwards, is just one exercise performed and perfected in the class. Due to this intense training, the class has a number of prerequisites. In order to successfully complete and pass the class, you must be fifteen years old by the end of the class to be legally certified, you must be able to swim, successfully do a front crawl, and breaststroke. You must also be able to do a 300 yard swim with little difficulty. Kutney states, “It’s possible that you pass the class, but not get certified. However, you learn skills in this class that you can use anytime in your life, you never know when you’re going to need it.”

Once certified you are able to then get a job as a lifeguard. Kutney adds,“A lot of times it’ll lead to a job for them to teach swimming as well, there are different places I can get them into such as, St. Clair Shores Adult Education, and The Eleven Mile Pool.”

Kutney is the only staff member that teaches this class, however that does not faze her, she adds, “It’s my absolute favorite class to teach! I love it, I absolutely love it.”