Ashland Falls Comes to Lake Shore

A thrilling two act murder mystery directed by Patrick Akerley, Ashland Falls has officially been casted.

During the annual school play at Herbert Hoover High, a script about a girl who died long ago is found by the cast and crew of the play. At the same time, the director of the school’s production disappears without warning and is replaced with a new director, who has the ring of the deceased girl. As time goes on, the characters in the play as well as the students of the high school begin to blend together, making it hard to tell the fake from the real. A story full of twists and turns, this play will be a must see, available on the Lake Shore High School stage March 16th-18th.

Being a play with a production going on amidst, each casted member has two roles. “I play Carrie/Ashley. Since everyone in the play has a “real world” and a “play within a play” character, I have two roles.” says Katie Steeves, sophomore and the female lead of the play. “Carrie is a simple, kind girl who is liked by everyone and always there to help. She is dating Aiden (played by Alex Salerno) and comes from a poorer family. The creepy thing is, I can relate to Carrie a lot. Ashley, my other character, comes from 1800’s era England where she is betrothed to Dalton, but a terrible tragedy happens the night she is proposed to.” Dylan Slamka, senior, plays Gavin/Wynter, and has some to say about his characters as well. “Gavin is Aiden’s wingman, clumsy and really bad at improv but is really good [at acting] when it counts. Wynter is just as friendly and caring but quite the womanizer.”

One rule of good acting is to channel your character, to learn to see through their eyes, understand who they are. With the talent of the leads in this play, this should be a challenge knocked out of the park. “I plan to channel my character through my emotions, Gavin is exactly like me and I really just need to behave how I usually do,” says Slamka. Steeves not only relates to her characters, but looks up to them. “They’re both kind, but relationships they make can cost them dearly. Although they are braver than I would be confronting the problems they face, I admire their love and perseverance.”

In a mere month, this group will pull off the daunting task of creating an entire production, from sets to blocking to simply learning their lines. “I imagine it will be pretty hectic, but we’ll pull through well. We always do.” says Steeves. “We got The Outsiders done under the same circumstances, I’m sure we can pull through just as powerful with Ashland Falls.” A hopeful and determined cast, the race to the finish will be one to watch.


Written by

Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.