Here at Lake Shore, all students are expected to perform to their highest ability. Resulting from this hard work, an opportunity for a position in the National Honor Society may arise. As stated on nhs.us, National Honor Society is “ the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.” The characteristics that each student must greatly portray to be part of this organization include, as stated on NHS.us are, “scholarship, leadership, service and character.”


In order to be considered for induction into the National Honor Society, Erika Welsh, Social Studies/Psychology teacher and NHS leader, looks at Shorians’ GPA standing as of the previous year, the minimum GPA requirement being 3.4. Those who fall into the 3.4 or above range will then receive a letter that explains their eligibility. If students decide to pursue this path, there are a few steps that follow.


The scholars who were given a letter will then attend a mandatory meeting to let Welsh know whether or not they take interest in becoming a part of this. If so, students must complete a vita, which basically contains questions about themselves that they must respond to. In this vita, students must list their experiences in the four main characteristics sought for by the National Honor Society (according to NHS.us): “scholarship, leadership, service, and character.” These vitas must then be given to each and every teacher that the student has ever had here at Lake Shore High School. The teachers must evaluate the scholars, reporting their thoughts and evaluations during the faculty meeting where the decisions on who will be placed in this organization are made.  
GPA is certainly not the only factor that determines who is in NHS. Of course good grades are appreciated; however, there is truly more to this group. Those who are involved in their community, those who work hard in all that they do, those who are leaders, those who wish to strive and chase their dreams are all worthy of becoming a member of the National Honor Society.