Dogs of Lake Shore


Katelyn Csernyant, Junior, has a two year old German Shepherd mix rescue, and his quirky personality definitely makes him a pup worth a feature. Packi was found at the Packyard Plant in Detroit (hence the awesome name), and he was so emancipated that he was close to death. Thankfully, a nice man found the precious pup, and took him in to the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, where Katelyn and her family found him and the connection was instantaneous. Packi’s favorite toys are his baby, bacon flavored bone, and his snowman. Packi is best known for his obsession with his baby (pictured above) and his love for Goldfish. If Packi had to choose a profession, it would be a Professional Nap Taker, and it is no secret that Katelyn is by far his favorite person.

Martha Dombrow

Chelsea Dombrow, English teacher, is the proud mom of Martha, the rescue with 50% Pug Ancestry and 100% Underbite. Miss Martha is roughly 3 years old and was recently rescued by Dombrow and her boyfriend from the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan. Her previous foster mom said that she “made herself right at home”, and therefore gave her the name Martha Stewart. Dombrow decided to “drop the Stewart, but Martha Stuck!” Martha has a significant underbite, which only adds to her charm, and according to Dombrow, “her lips get stuck exposing her teeth. She can’t help it. If you tell her to lick her lips, she tries to fix it.” Martha absolutely loves going on walks and car rides. During her car rides, she likes to be the “captain of the ship” and stand with her paw on the driver’s shoulder. All food is Martha’s favorite food, so she is currently on a diet. Her favorite pastimes include cuddling and chewing on her favorite toys-bones! Martha goes by many endearing nicknames, including: Martha Moo-Cow, Marth, Pig, and Potato.


Jessica Damer, Junior, recently became the adoptive mom to 6 month old Black Lab Mix, Parker. The Damers adopted the young pup from the Michigan Humane Society in November of 2016. This crazy puppy is known for his “random moments of insanity” in which he will run laps around the living room, jump off of chairs onto the couch, and attempt to demolish the house for roughly 5 minutes. His favorite toys are anything he can get his paws on and “brutally murder”. He is a tennis ball serial killer and if he were a person, he would have a profession in construction working, because Jessica “can just see him working a bulldozer and destroying everything”. Parker’s favorite snack in the whole world is ice cubes, to which the Damers thoroughly enjoy due to lack of crumbs.

Brutus and Jersey Cerrasco

Phil Cerrasco, Freshman English teacher, is the proud owner of two adorable pups! Jersey and Brutus, aka Shrek and Fiona, are the best of friends who love spending time together. They even share the same bed. Jersey is a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier weighing 40 pounds of pure cuteness. The Cerrasco family purchased her as a gift for Mrs. Cerrasco, and also to give lonely Brutus a lifelong pal. She loves to run and spin and takes pride in the height of her jumps. Jersey’s favorite time of day is a tie between the time she gets to spend with BFF Brutus and when food gets poured into her bowl. According to Mr. Cerrasco, “She loves other dogs, friends, and her family. Her best friend in the world is Brutus.”

Brutus is a 4 year old French Mastiff, coming in at 140 pounds. Sleeping is by far his favorite activity and getting 17-20 hours of sleep is just an average day for this Massive Mastiff. If there was a world record for loudest snoring noises, Brutus would definitely be the title holder. Brutus LOVES water. According to Mr. C, “He cannot sleep knowing that there is a drop of water in his bowl.” Other favorite pastimes of Brutus include hanging with BFF Jersey and “going on camping trips with his boys where he can wade into a lake and drink until he falls down on the beach.”

Elizabeth Tharme

Colleen Tharme, English teacher, is mom to an 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Elizabeth Tharme. Elizabeth was named after none other than Queen Elizabeth II. She is known for her charming and gentle nature, and absolutely LOVES people! On her free time, Elizabeth can be found going on short walks around the neighborhood, strolling around Partridge Creek, and taking extremely long naps. Marro-Bones are her absolute favorite snacks, and according to her mom, Puffin the stuffed Puffin is “her most beloved toy”. Her good looks make for many photo opportunities, and it’s safe to say that everyone should enjoy her modeling spree-I mean photo collage-pictured above. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]