Cheerleaders Weigh in on Comp Performance

Whether they’re hyping up spectators at football games or blowing the judges away at competitions, the Lake Shore High School cheer team never fails to amaze. At competitive events like the ones held on Saturday the 21st and Wednesday the 25th, the girls that put the pep in pep rally hit the mat with the intention of taking home the gold. This cheer squad has used a mix of dedication and constant practice to put them on top and their recent performances have made that clear.

“The combined efforts of all of my athletes made the team shine,” says varsity cheer coach Sherri Taormina, citing a great sense of togetherness and true teamwork for her group’s success It’s obvious that the girls she coach feel the same way. Hailey Modreski, sophomore, says “Our team’s hard work, strong bond, and dedication are the reason we win, we practice every day, working hard for the little things” reinforcing the fact that the driving force behind her team is collective effort and enthusiasm. Shelby Jackson, senior, added to this, saying “Honestly, our passion as a team is responsible for our success.”

No winning team is complete without great coaching, however, and the Lake Shore cheerleaders are no exception. Coach Taormina has done a fantastic job pushing her lineup to its fullest potential. “Taormina is a great coach, she tries her hardest, really gives one hundred percent,” says Jackson. “Coach T is amazing, she makes us better and always finds ways to improve us as a team.” continues Modreski. Taormina might say she is not the only one in charge of her squad, though, “Our seniors, Valerie Roane, Shelby Jackson, Isabella LaPinta, Melissa Aliotta and Kalli Boren all exemplify the kind of hard work that is required to win competitions, they’re three round athletes, they don’t quit.” Taormina affectionately states.

Despite all of this, taking home medals has not been without its challenges. Jackson says “We need to stop worrying about our competitors and focus on our own performance.” Coach T is sure these obstacles can be overcome, “The league we’re in is very competitive, but we’ve had previous success so we know where we stand. All the other teams are coming for us.” making it clear that her athletes are ready for anything.

Wednesday saw the Mac Blue competition hosted in the Lake Shore gymnasium and the cheerleaders were ready to put on a knockout performance. Stressing the events’ importance, Modreski says, “I think we can top our old scores at the Mac blue conference, how we do there counts.” Everyone in attendance could see that see that these girls gave their all, but now they have to look to the future. On February 18th the cheer team will compete for a district title, and we know they will do Lake Shore proud!  



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