Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie, a late 50’s musical inspired by the deceased Elvis Presley’s draft notice into the Vietnam War, hosted its opening night Thursday, January 26th. With the news of the draft of Conrad Birdie, teen heartthrob (played by Nick Rizzo, senior) going away to the war for two years, his agent and songwriter, Albert Peterson (played by Evan Hazlett, senior) goes into havoc as he’s unable to keep his business alive without the star. In a last ditch effort, Peterson and his secretary Rosie Alvarez (played by Kah’lynn Hunt, junior) decide on a publicity stunt in which Conrad will write and perform one last song on television before he leaves. On top of this, one lucky superfan, Kim MacAfee (played by Jessica Moceri, junior) will get one last kiss from Conrad, not approved of by her recent “steady”, Hugo Peabody (played by Dylan Slamka, senior).

With an ensemble conducted by Maestro M. Smith himself for each piece, this musical blew the past few years out of the water. With a more immersive set, along with dance numbers the crowd couldn’t take their eyes off of, the cast and crew wowed the audience like never before. The costumes, bearing the traditional 50’s style of poodle skirts and keds, along with the posters of classic 50’s stars on Kim MacAfee’s wall, really gave the show that vintage feel that added that many more layers to the musical as a whole.

Despite problems with microphones, the cast held it all together to make it seem as though it was never a problem to begin with. Stand out performances by Moceri in “One Boy”, Hunt in “Spanish Rose”,  Logan Current, sophomore, (playing Mr. MacAfee) in “Hymn for a Sunday Evening”, and Rizzo in “One Last Kiss” (until he was so rudely interrupted by one Hugo Peabody, of course) showed the world the true talent lying at Lake Shore High School.

An outstanding show that will make you laugh and cry, Bye Bye Birdie is one for the books. Make sure you check it out Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm and a matinee show on Saturday at 12:30 pm.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.