The New Kendama?

8 Ball Pool has been around for years, provided that you have a table and some spherical targets. The concept is simple; use a white ball called the cue ball and knock other colored balls into the six pockets surrounding the table. The mastery of this game takes hours of practice and monotonous shooting, but with the introduction of technology a player’s game knowledge can be expanded from anywhere.

In the last decade, 90’s kids have seen their beloved pool halls across the nation disappear. What once served as an affordable, after school activity sanctuary has fallen faster than cinemas after the discovery of pirating movies. With a little luck, a table and rack could be found at a local senior center or laser tag waiting lounge, but the condition and availability is questionable at best. The best way to play pool in the modern age is on your cell phone or personal computer.

“It’s an intriguing way to express my competitive side” describes Brendan Price, senior. He continues, “Say, for example, Ethan [Goodwell, senior] is talking trash in gym class. I can jump on the app and take all his money in minutes.” On the defensive, Goodwell uses his statistics against the naysayers. Goodwell claims, “I used to play a lot in Freshman year so I’ve played over 2,000 games. I only picked it up again when the whole school started playing it.” With the recently updated iOS 10 came the ability to play games over text message. This started a surge of students picking up their phones in class and playing against friends.

Some “optimal” students keep rulers and protractors handy to land shots easier. “I admit I’ve cheated to win a game. If they’re not looking at their phone, I’ll take an awful shot before they realize. Don’t put my name in there though.”