Unification of Rivals: The Lakers

Sports teams typically originate only from the school in which they occur, however on certain occasions schools unite in order to form a more successful team. Lake Shore and our rival Lakeview along with South Lake came together and created the Unified Hockey team also known as the Lakers.

Having teammates from a rival school may be difficult for some of the players, however, this was not the case for the Lakers. Luke Pino, Senior, commented, “Having teammates from another school is pretty cool because it brings people together more and [is] good for socialization. Most of us get along, however, there are always a couple [that don’t], we try to be one happy family but families will always have some tension.” Fellow teammate Ben Vutci, Senior, agrees with this statement saying, “Having teammates from another school is fun sometimes because we, for the most part, all do get along…” There will always be some conflict between the players when Lake Shore versus Lakeview in any other sport due to our rivalry.

Keith Knight, Head Coach, is making a few changes this year to the team. Vutci stated, “we are rebuilding the program right now and we aren’t expecting to get a lot of wins out of the year, but we are expecting to compete hard and work on the core of the team for the years to come.” Winning is not always everything and this team understands that they need to grow first and rebuild in order to become the best. In order to become the best the team has set a goal that they hope to achieve. Vutci commented, “Our goal as a team is to do our job in our respective positions. We want to work hard and compete night in and night out and to have fun while we’re doing it.” He continued with, “Listening and working hard in practices and coming prepared to play to our games will help us achieve what we plan on doing this year.” The Lakers are going to achieve the goals that they set for themselves in order to become a stronger team.

The Lakers’ next game is away on January 21st at four o’clock against the Romeo Bulldogs.