The Art of Taking a Dive

Swimming has always been overlooked as a true challenge for the human body. It is treated so often as just another recreational activity, that people often forget how much goes into swimming competitively. Matthew Nguyen, Junior, has been on Lake Shore’s swimming team for the past three years, so he knows the amount of effort that is needed to be successful in the world of competitive swimming.

Nguyen has always enjoyed swimming his entire life, doing it since a young age, and beginning competitively when he was in the 7th Grade. “When I was watching the Olympics when I was little, I saw them and was like, ‘I want to do that.”Nguyen knows what it takes when it comes to becoming a better swimmer. “You have to be consistent,” says Nguyen. “You have to get in the water and swim every day. You can’t take nine months off and then expect to be any better.” Nguyen goes onto expressing how much goes into really becoming a good swimmer. Whether it be the right eating habits, or keeping a lean body, there are many factors that contribute to being an exceptional swimmer.

When asked about being on a swim team, Nguyen had nothing but good to say about it. “Everyone is nice, and there’s rarely any drama.” He stresses how much friendly competition there is in a sport like swimming. Being such a directly competitive sport, every person involved wants to do better than the next guy. “Even though we’re on a team, the competition helps us get better as swimmers and causes us to push ourselves just a little bit more.”

Even though competitive swim may not be as glorified as other sports like football or baseball, Nguyen speaks for all swimmers when he says that doesn’t really matter. “You’re going to find people who care, it’s just about knowing what people are going to show up.” Despite not being as much in the spotlight as other sports, swimmers don’t let that deter them from giving it their all every time they jump in the pool.

The team will begin having meets every Tuesday and Thursday for the coming weeks, starting with a meet against Port Huron on January 17th, at 6:00 pm.