Shorians Making a Difference One PAAW at a Time

Lake Shore students and faculty have been doing many valuable things for the community surrounding them. From collecting footwear for pet adoption to visiting the elderly, Shorians have been leaving their mark on the community, one step at a time.

One Shorian in particular has started collecting gently used shoes to help support The Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren. Rylie Duggan, Junior, has been volunteering with PAAW, a local volunteer-run pet adoption agency, since the summer time. Duggan has even adopted two of her own animals from PAAW. “I really love it, the people are so passionate and caring and the animals were wonderful.” PAAW’s overall goal is to help animals who are lost or have been taken to local shelters and find happy healthy homes that will provide the love and affection they need. PAAW is recognized by the Petco Foundation and also helps relocate an animal if a family can no longer care for it. Duggan’s overall mission of this donation opportunity is “ to raise money for the rescue and hopefully inspire others to volunteer.”

However, PAAW is currently struggling financially. Duggan adds,“The rescue is really in debt and we’re having a hard time paying off vet bills. I knew Lake Shore would be willing to help out, so I brought the idea here!” For every pair of shoes the PAAW collects, they donate to Funds2Org. This association then sends the shoes to people who need them in developing nations around the world. PAAW then receives a cash reward, the more shoes that are donated, the more money they get. The deadline for the shoe donations is on January 15, and the shoes are piling in fast!.They are accepting Flip-flops, sneakers, loafers, stilettos, sandals, and many more in all sizes.

One of the featured pets on the website is P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney-or Sherman for short. Sherman’s autobiography is certainly extensive. According to the website:Hello, my name is P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, or just “Sherman” for short. I am a medium to large sized pitty mix. I tend to spend my days relaxing around the house with my temporary 4 legged brothers and sister. In my spare time I like to chew on dog toys, dog beds, and alert you to all intruders on and around the home. I get along well with other dogs as I’ve lived with 3-7 dogs at one time, though I’d like to be properly introduced first. However, even though I like other dogs, I tend to chase and bark at cats, so a home without cats would be preferred please.I am a Large Spunky Male Pitty Mix Dog. I am good with Dogs, Kids. I am good with kids of the age(s): Pre-Teen, Teen. My approximate birth date is 4/20/2014. I am house broken. I am crate trained. I go out to potty mornings, afternoons, and evenings. I like these toys: Balls, Frisbee, Squeaky, Furry, Rope.” Duggan encourages all who would like to volunteer or adopt to come talk to her or go to PAAW’s website at