Science Olympiad Kicks Back into Gear

Science Olympiad is an annual competition held for aspiring scientists that tests a student’s aptitude in multiple scientific disciplines. Competition is held in two divisions; a lower division for elementary school students and a higher division for middle and high school students. Science Olympiad covers a range of different sciences with their own respective trial. These trials can be a written test, a hands on experiment, or a challenge to build something to achieve a goal. Students participate in a few select tests that they prepare thoroughly for. All Science Olympiad activities and events take place at Macomb Community College.

With the first official event taking place in March, participants will be spending time preparing for the competition. Depending on the activities each student will compete in, preparing can involve a range of things from studying scientific topics to building hands on models. Melody Momper, Science Olympiad team member, says “Preparing for the event is different for each person, whether it’s learning about a topic or building something.” Some of the knowledge based trials include the topics of astronomy, geology, and ecology. Hands on activities also include building aerodynamic creations, constructing towers, and controlling a robotic arm. For the 2017 event, there are a total of 23 activities that participants will compete in.

The first meeting for the Lake Shore Science Olympiad team will be held on 1/12 at Kennedy Middle School at 3:45. Meetings will be held every Thursday at the middle school, starting around 3:30. These weekly meetings consist of team practice and preparation. The team is still looking for anyone interested in joining, those interested in applied sciences can still have an opportunity to join.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.