Lake Shore Football on Film

Football: a game that numerous Americans enjoy, whether they are watching it on television or are actually out on the field themselves. But, in reality, it truly is more than just a sport. Football has long been an activity that brings individuals together to form a strong, family-like bond; an activity that teaches its players life skills such as teamwork, communication, assertiveness, and most importantly, perseverance. These qualities are highlighted in State Champs’ production of “Season In The Shores – 2016 Lake Shore Football”.

This documentary was created by State Champs, a high school sports show from Southeastern Michigan. State Champs was seeking a football coach that would be willing to allow the sports show to document an entire football season/football program. Lake Shore High’s very own Coach Richard Popp heard about this offer, as he knew the owner of the show. He was quick to suggest the Shorians as a candidate, and State Champs agreed.

Coach Popp explained that “[State Champs] came [to observe the team] about fifteen to twenty times. They’d come to both games and practices.” Throughout this journey, the show caught plenty of memorable moments-from the wins to the losses. One might ask: how would a loss be considered memorable? Well (captured by State Champs), Coach Popp said, “…when you’re most down in your life is when you have to act like you’re the most up in your life…we will get better every single day, I promise you…” The Lake Shore Shorians remained positive through those losses, and returned as stronger players and individuals each time.

It is obvious that Coach Popp has had a huge impact on the Shorian football player’s lives. Throughout the documentary, Popp has proved himself to be an inspirational character, always pushing the team to perform to the highest quality possible not only on the field, but also in school and in everyday life. Many of the teammates described their appreciation for their beloved coach, one of those players being Justin Crandall (Senior). In the sports show’s production, Crandall stated, “even though we didn’t have a good season winning or losing wise, I think it was a good season because we had somebody who actually cared for us on the football field and [we had someone who] made sure that we were all doing well in school, and [that] we were on our stuff and not slacking off…[that we were] doing what we had to do to be on the football field.”

Over the course of the season, the Shorians enjoyed their time playing the sport that they love. Tanner Konal (Senior) informed State Champs, “…we’ve built a family the past couple of weeks. I love it; we’ve become a tighter-knit group, and I’m loving it! I’m having a great time, and I think my whole team is, so it’s good.”

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