Behind the Scenes: Lake Shore Stage Crew


Concerts, plays, and musicals held in the Lake Shore auditorium have captivated local audiences for many years, but these shows could not go on without the work done behind the curtain. While the students that make up the stage crew never stand on the stage, it would be dark without them; they are responsible for creating the sets and making sure performers can be seen and heard, and they have never failed to do a spectacular job.

“Our job is to bring school productions to life, to make them as real as possible” says stage manager Krista Jasman. “The Stage crew operates the lights and the microphones during events, they also make sure all of the set pieces go on and off the stage, and make sure they are in the correct spots. You could say that they do all of the work that the audience doesn’t see,” remarks Jasman. As stage managers, Jasman, senior, and Karli Bissel, junior, are responsible for keeping the props and lighting in working order and directing their use when it is showtime. “We take care of the cues for lighting and for the curtain, we also write down the blocking (movement) that the actors do on stage” says Bissel. “We’re up in the booth during shows making sure the whole thing goes smoothly”, she added.   

The crewmembers are very dedicated to Lake Shore’s music and drama programs, they love what they do. “Working stage can be hectic at times, but I genuinely enjoy it. Mr. Smith is incredibly supportive and makes the whole thing worthwhile” says, junior, AJ Bonser. “All of the people who do stage crew are very capable and do amazing work, the show couldn’t go on without them” says Jasman.

Rarely when someone is watching a concert or a play, do they think about all of the things that came together to make it happen, but making sure the stage, along with props and costumes are in order, is a tremendous task. The stage crew at Lake Shore High School works unbelievably hard to ensure a great experience for those who enter their auditorium, and they will be there to make their magic again on the 26th, 27th, 28th of January for Lake Shore’s production of “Bye Bye Birdie.”


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