A Trump Presidency: It’s Not That Bad

Next week, our 45th President of the United States will be inaugurated and no amount of protesting can stop that. It may not be the outcome some wanted and it’s definitely not the outcome anyone expected, but it has happened. It’s time to get serious and start paying attention to what Donald Trump will do in his first days of office and the next four years.

Thomas Jury, Senior, has a seemingly unpopular opinion about the President Elect. In short, Jury believes “In the end, Trump isn’t as bad as news sites make him out to be.” Jury’s main argument is that the media has portrayed Trump in the worst light, saying “Many of his ‘misdeeds’ have only been covered by biased news centers like MSNBC, CNN and Yahoo News.” In this student’s opinion, these loosely termed “misdeeds” were brought to light and utterly distorted by news outlets for the sole purpose of demeaning Trump. The facts cannot be argued; for example, the time many news sources stated on record that Trump was a child molester and told the American people to be wary. “Another thing I find funny is that these biased news sites always leave out the facts that hurt themselves” added Jury once these claims were proven false.
Besides his bad reputation and increasing opposition, the numbers of Trump’s pre-presidency can show nonbelievers his true intent. Jury assures those who disagree that “believe it or not, since Trump has been elected, he’s already made over 100,000 jobs for American workers.” That’s not including the “$700 million coming to Michigan with the latest Ford deal” Jury also brings up.

If a party cannot be convinced, compromise is the only answer. Jury pleads,“Trump has done a lot for the country so far, and to hate his presidency already will lead you to hate him for his whole term. Instead of four years of being unhappy, give him the slightest amount of respect and go into [his presidency] open minded”.