Reducing Reduced Schedules


During the 2016/2017 school year, Lake Shore will no longer be offering seniors reduced schedules for the first two trimesters. This change in policy became prevalent at the end of the 2015/2016 school year, however not all students were aware of the change, and even fewer agreed with it.


As a member of Lake Shore’s administration, Janelle Bross (Principal), weighed in on the reasoning behind the decision to change the policy. She explained that “Reduced schedules in the second trimester for students that don’t yet have enough credits to graduate led to some situations where seniors were in danger of not graduating.” Some students who were on the track to graduation prior to the change are disappointed by the fact that their privilege of having a reduced schedule is being taken from them because of other students’ lack of responsibility. While Riley Kimball, senior, is “happy that we have it all”, she believes that “for students who don’t want to be here, it [was] kind of nice because if they [had] the requirements, they [could] leave.”


Bross furthered her explanation by saying, “Reduced schedules led to problems with athletic eligibility.” Megan Ritz, senior, is a member of the dance team and does not like the new change in policy. She confessed that she was “really excited last year to have a reduced schedule, and now that [it was taken] away I’m taking classes that aren’t really necessary, so instead of graduating with 27.5 credits, I’m graduating with 33.”


Her last explanation as to why the change in policy was necessary was “Reduced schedules led to issues with count day which is connected to our funding.” The amount of students who have had reduced schedules over the years could have definitely led to a loss of needed funding.


If Lake Shore’s administration ever were to decide to bring back the privilege of reduced schedules, there may be possible solutions to the faults in the original policy. For example, there could be certain requirements that students need to meet in order to be eligible for reduced schedules. Students would have to be on the track to graduation, have a certain number of completed credits, and have a certain GPA. The lack of reduced schedule students who showed up on count day could be solved by making count day mandatory for those with the specialized schedules. In order to ensure that those students would attend, the school and it’s administration could enforce a penalty for those that do not show. For example, the school could threaten detention, or even a revocation of their reduced schedule privilege.
Many seniors are not happy with the new change in the reduced schedule policy. As one can see, there would be a lot to consider with bringing back the privilege for the first two trimesters.