Leaving it all on the Mat

    The changing of seasons means that winter sports are arriving at Lake Shore High School, and one of those sports is wrestling.

    December 8th was the wrestling team’s first meet against Armada, Memphis, and Grosse Pointe North. Lake Shore ended up with a victory over Memphis by a score of 54 to 28, however Armada defeated the wrestlers with a score of 37 to 33. Ben Cerrasco, junior, stated, “Wrestling matches are six minutes long and whoever has more points at the end of those six minutes will win the match.” He continued to say, “You can also win by pinning your opponent, you can do this by putting your opponent on their back and both of their shoulders must touch the mat, it’s an automatic victory for the wrestler who pins their opponent.” There are multiple ways to win your match, however pinning your opponent is how to quickly win.  

    Gianna Placido-Curle, senior, assists the wrestlers by keeping track of their stats and records, she commented, “I keep stats, I make sure the individual and team points are correct, because the ref doesn’t keep score. Every team has to keep their own score.” Her job is very intricate and has to pay close attention to what is going on during the match. Placido-Curle continued to say, “[Matches are] 3 period intervals of 2 minutes each. It may not seem like a long time, but obviously there is blood and injury time.” During the week is when meets take place and typically run for four to five hours, however tournaments are on the weekend and can run for ten to twelve hours. She also stated, “They are ran on a seed and bracket system. So, in tournaments one weight will start and that lasts about a half an hour, and then they go up to the next weight class and so on. The wrestlers keep going until knocked out; that’s how you get people who place.” Tournaments can consume the day, however multiple matches have to occur in order for wrestlers to move up and place.       

    The different weight classes go as followed: 103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, and lastly, 285 pounds. When considering weight classes you must start new habits to qualify for a certain class and be able to stay in it. Cerrasco stated, “You can prepare for the weight class that you want to qualify by eating the right foods, eating the right foods is the best way to lose weight and prepare for that weight. If a wrestler is cutting weight they can cut out carbohydrates and high sugars and eat in small quantities to ensure that they don’t gain weight throughout the day.” It is very easy to gain weight throughout the day so they have to watch what they eat. He continued to say, “If a wrestler is trying to wrestle up a weight class they can simply reverse the process and up their level of carbohydrates and sugars, pastas and proteins are the best possible way to gain weight.”